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About Fair & Square Art

Hello! My name is Ashleigh and I'm based in Cape Town, SA. I have a passion for art and I am an Interior Designer and boy do I love tea. With my desire to paint and my eye for design and colour, I wanted to put both of these loves into a business. I use oil on canvas which is my favourite medium as it gives me such control and it's super flexible. I started Fair & Square to provide simple, fun paintings that can look great in any home. Whether it's to bring a pop of colour into your living room or fill an open spot in your bedroom, I will help you find the right painting that will suit you and your home. If you don't see the right colour for you but there's a style you must have, don't hesitate to contact me for something more personal.

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"Thank you, Ashleigh, for my beautiful painting! 

I am thoroughly impressed, not only with your artwork, but your exceptional professionalism and courtesy."